Teeth Discoloration: Its prevention and treatment

Teeth discoloration is common nowadays, many people feel uncomfortable with the color of their teeth. The reason behind teeth discoloration could be a food or drink consumed over a long period of time or an injury to your mouth.

What causes teeth discoloration?

Teeth discoloration happens due to multiple reasons, some of which are common such as-

  1. Food and Beverages: - Tea, Coffee, Cola, wine as well as some fruits and vegetables such as Apples and Potatoes that can cause a stain in your teeth.
  2. Poor dental Hygiene: - Flossing and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash to remove plaque, improper and inadequate brushing can also cause teeth discoloration.
  3. Tobacco use: - Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause a stain in teeth.
  4. Injury: - An injury to the mouth or teeth can disturb enamel formation in young children.

Yellow teeth can cause mental trauma for many, as people are embarrassed to show their teeth in public or laugh at a joke. We should know that our teeth aren’t naturally white, they come in a shade of yellow. However, why do people have white teeth? If you may ask. Well, the outer layer of the teeth is called Enamel and it is white however, it is translucent. Its translucent nature allows the yellow dentine to reflect and it gives the teeth a shade of yellow. It is best to visit a dentist as they can differentiate between yellow teeth caused naturally or by poor hygiene.

Having very Poor oral hygiene can also cause Yellow teeth (accumulation of dental calculus) or a tetracycline stain, this happens when tetracycline is being consumed during the pregnancy period, the child grows yellow teeth. Yellow teeth can happen also when a child takes tetracycline before the age of 15. These are some of the commonest cause of yellow teeth.

How to treat teeth discoloration?

Treatment of teeth discoloration depends upon the type you have, if you have teeth discoloration due to poor oral hygiene then your teeth need scaling and polishing, removal of those calculi, whereas yellow teeth due to tetracycline stains needs whitening/ bleaching, veneers, and crown treatment.

Teeth Whitening kits do they work?

Teeth whitening kits are very popular among people; it is also very safe as long as you do not overdo it. Overuse can cause pain and sensitivity; one can whiten their teeth with peroxide-containing bleaching agents or can use toothpaste that contains abrasive agents. A bleaching product can help remove the deep as well as the surface stains from teeth. It changes the natural teeth color and it should work perfectly with yellow teeth.

Precautions to take while using teeth whitening kits

There are very mild risks associated with teeth whitening kits, it should not cause a problem just don’t overdo it. If someone has the periodontal disease do not use whitening kits without consulting a professional. Over-the-counter whitening kits contain only up to 10 % peroxide and are safe however; prescription strength whiteners contain 20% to 40% peroxide. Hence, it is recommended to consult a dentist before higher strength whiteners.