Say goodbye to that smooth skin and face glow if you continue ingesting sugar in your diet. If you experience moods or temperamental episodes probably you should look into sugar consumption. Sugar is not only bad for health but can also cause your body to suffer. Similar to some corrosive natural teeth whitening products that contain sugar, they can also corrode your teeth. That’s why natural teeth whitening products are the best for you and your dental health.

Sugar levels in your body trigger unwanted reactions ranging from high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance to hypoglycemia complications. The bottom line is sugar is not ideal for you and complicates normal body functions.

As much as healthcare professionals warn against the use of sugar in our diet. If we are not aware of the effects of sugar on our bodies, avoiding sugar consumption can be quite a task. Therefore, you need to know the adverse effects of sugar on your body before advocating for you to stop taking it. This article serves as a revelation to sugar consumers by highlighting the severe effects of sweet poison ingestion.

Immune system compromise

Sugar intake can interfere with the way your body fights infection. Bacteria and yeast feed on sugar, therefore, the accumulation of these harmful organisms in the body is inevitable.  This consequently results in a build-up of toxins, which is a dangerous occurrence. Immediately your body starts acting up since it is trying to get rid of toxins. The bid to restore the normal body's function leads to immune suppression.

In the end, sugar weakens your body's ability to fight bacteria. Your body becomes prone to infections eventually.

Sugar fasten aging

Sugar is in almost everything we consume from natural diets to processed ones. It is contained in natural veggies and fruits to processed foods such as biscuits and cakes. Every time you eat sugar, you put your body at risk of aging. Wrinkles and sagging appearance starts especially your skin. This occurs the moment sugar hits your bloodstream it binds to proteins.

We all know that almost all of our body tissues consist of proteins. Once in our blood, the glycation process occurs whereby sugar binds to building blocks of the skin that sis elastin and collagen proteins of the skin. This causes the face to lose its elasticity and supple components. It starts to sag; wrinkles form and the skin appears dark around the eyes. The resultant is you start to look more aged than your peers do. Apart from premature aging, a multitude of complications arises from sugar intake.

Sugar causes a spike in insulin levels

Occasionally we all like to indulge in sugary food substances, a habit that makes your pancreas to overwork. Every time you consume sugar, know that you put a task to your pancreas to overproduce insulin to counteract the excess insulin produced. This, in turn, leads to resistance to insulin, which is a precursor to diabetes disease.

The function of pancreases, therefore, is lost because of unstable blood sugar levels. Extreme fatigue, headaches, and abnormal craving now become a part of you. All of these effects happen because of sugar.

Sugar increases the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart diseases

Sugar intake significantly interferes with human growth hormone production. The human growth hormone helps the body to regulate fat metabolism, bone growth and muscle composition in addition to heart function.

These effects are often a result of the presence of sugar in the body, which causes human growths hormone to drop. The consequence of this disruption in metabolism leaves you feeling older and can look older too. Excess fat accumulation follows leading to obesity and diabetes consequently. Once these two disorders affect your body, heart diseases supersede at a faster rate.

Sugar causes periodontal diseases that can lead to cardiac diseases

We know that sugar causes life-threatening effects on our bodies but we often forget the effect it has on our teeth. When sugar interacts with your teeth and gums, it causes tooth decay. Tooth decay comes about because of plaque accumulation and bacteria buildup in the mouth.

This causes your gums to be infected and thus the body initiates an anti-inflammatory response to infection. Recurrent infections lead to yet another complicated cardiac condition. Therefore maintaining a healthy lifestyle ideally by avoiding sugar can decrease the risks of recurrent infections thus reduces the chance that they will aggravate to serious conditions later.

Sugar causes osteoporosis

Components of carbonated sugary drinks significantly increase the risk of bone density reduction. The consequences of consuming soft drinks cause a decrease in bone density, therefore they become lighter and eventually osteoporosis sets in. Luckily, once you stop consuming these drinks, the risks of bone breaks reduce and prevent osteoporosis from occurring. 

Sugar causes Alzheimer's disease

In brief, there are links between sugar and Alzheimer's disease occurrence among people who consume sugar. According to researchers at The Fisher Centre in New York found a link between the sweet poisons to this condition. The World Health Organization further recommends that sugar intake should be less than ten percent of your total diet. Ideally processed sugar should not be consumed at all expect it should come from whole foods such as grains and fruits.

Sugar triggers inflammation

Inflammation refers to the automatic body response to an infection. Primary characteristics of inflammation include swelling, increased hotness of the inflamed site, general pain and loss of function of the inflamed body part.

The inflammation process can lead to broken blood capillaries, breakdown of cells in addition to the loss of skin elasticity. All these processes are triggered by sugar intake and thus in the event leads to premature aging and loss of intrinsic body functions.

Sugar causes deprivation of essential nutrients

Not only does sugar cause impaired cognition in children, but even adult also suffer from insufficient vitamins intake once they take sugar. When we eat sugar we tend to feel full thus we do not consume healthy foods finally leading to insufficient intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

Once essential nutrients such as vitamin A, B-12, C, and calcium lack in our bodies, especially children leads to impaired cognition. They start dropping in their academic studies. Their academic grades drop significantly due to the intake of sugar. Once we take sugary foods our youthful complexions suffer the most, obesity sets in and eventually other health conditions arise. Children also experience hyperactivity, inability to concentrate and crankiness. Therefore, sugar is not good for children and even adults too should keep off.

A high-sugar diet can lead to risks of cancer

Sugar is not entirely a direct risk to cancer, but it is what sugar does to your waistline. Excess sugar intake may cause calorie buildup leading to dense fat around the waistline, therefore, obesity sets in. One of the major cancer risks is obesity. 

Also, excess sugar accumulation relates to how your body responds to it. Since sugar feeds on our body cells, they may feed on healthy body cells. In the bid of the body's mechanism to replenish the lost cells, an imbalance in body cell production occurs. Thereby causing rapid growth of cells and eventually, cancerous cells emerge in the event. 

Sugar spikes stress levels.

Are you experiencing unexplained episodes of irritability, anxiousness and even body shaking? Probably the first place to start looking into is your sugar intake.

People who consume sugar are temperamental, evidence of increased stress levels. When stress levels increase, the body automatically assumes a fight and flight mode. This autoimmune response to sugar leads to a massive release of hormones.

This chemical response corresponds to low blood sugar levels too. So after you eat a sweet snack your body responds by releasing stress hormones to compensate for low body sugar levels by raising it a notch higher. 

Surprisingly the body responds to spiked stress levels the same it responds to low blood sugar levels. Feelings of irritability and anxiousness manifest the resultant effects. To restore hormonal balance and prevent stress levels increase, the best way is just to avoid consuming sugar completely more so processed sugar.

Remember, what you put in your body determines what you get out of it. If you consume unhealthy food, the results will be poor body performance. Eventually, your body metabolism gets severely compromised. This eventually leads to health complications.

Therefore, sugar harms your body. A negative effect on your performance is a common side effect on your body. You frequently become extremely fatigued, recurrent headaches and dizziness.

Activities of daily living become a nightmare to you just because of sugar consumption. It becomes easy to irritate you; inability to complete tasks on time severely compromises your economic goals. In addition to chronic conditions associated with sugar intake drain resources in trying to get treatment.

According to health care professionals and dieticians, they advise on consuming healthy food can prevent health complications. By healthy diets, it does not mean to stop consuming some foods completely. It simply means to eat foods that have the necessary nutrients the body requires. This includes high fiber diets, fruits, and vegetables. Completely avoiding processed sugar is also part of the health regimen.